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Our services are directed towards creating better business operations, strengthened management-employee relationships, and effective human resource processes.


At Woodard & Associates, LLC, our services are directed towards 

creating better business operations, strengthened management-employee 

relationships, and effective human resources processes.


Hiring is hard.  Making the right hires is even harder. We can take care of all your management-level direct placement recruitment needs. In addition, having legally reviewed job applications, new hire offer letters, and new hire forms not only satisfies compliance matters but also protects your business.  In addition, having a solid job description will enhance job performance, ramp-up time, and productivity. We will take care of recruiting and onboarding/new hire orientation processes for you. 

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Employee Handbook

Employment labor laws are always changing, especially in 2021 with the new administration.

A well-drafted employee handbook is critically important to have  as it helps communicate your expectations and policies to your workforce.

It also serves as a tool for managers to use when leading employees.  Equally as important, a handbook will help protect your business from litigation as your first line of defense in the court of law.

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Employee Relations

Fairness and consistency in policy administration are key to minimizing employee relation issues.  A healthy workplace culture includes communication, trust, good leadership, and well-trained managers.  

Having a progressive corrective action process and conflict resolution options, help improve employee performance issues.  Proper documentation is essential in fighting frivolous lawsuits and unemployment claims.  We handle all employee relations and coaching for you so you can focus on other important business matters. 

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Named Best Small Business, Coastal Virginia Magazine, 2020 - 2021

and Best HR Firm 2017 - 2021

Our team of experts are here to help with any human resource service you need.

New Hires and On-Boarding

Do you know why a job application should be completed?

Why is it important that your job application contain consent disclosures?

What is the difference between a salaried and hourly employee?

Where should identification forms (I-9) be stored?

Why are job postings and job descriptions important?

Customized Employee Handbook

How do you communicate your policies to your employees?

How does an employee handbook provide your business with structure?

Does my existing handbook contain state and federal laws applicable to my business?

What is the difference between a policy and a procedure?

How often should my policies be reviewed and updated?

Employee Relations/Grievances

How do you handle an employee complaint?

What steps do you take to correct an employee's behavior?

How do you document a performance issue?

Why is employee documentation important?

Are your managers trained in disciplining employees and conducting terminations?

Training and Employee Development

What is vicarious liability?

Are your managers trained on sexual harassment and diversity?

Do your managers know how to conduct effective performance evaluations?

Does your company have a written safety/OSHA program?

Telephone Support

Who conducts your new hire reference checks?

Do you know how costly it is to hire the wrong person?

Who do you call when faced with an employee termination issue?

How much support do you need in answering HR management questions?

Do you understand the legal implications of a wrongful discharge?

Who manages your employee engagement?

We Are Here to Help!

We understand how busy you are as a business owner.  The ever-changing state and federal laws are too much to keep up with. We get it.  At Woodard & Associates, our goal is to allow you to focus on the important things - revenue generating activity.  We will take care of your HR compliance and HR programs for you.  Let us help you! Contact us now for a free consultation.  

What Can Our Consulting Services Do For You?

A professional HR consultant offers expert advice derived from a qualified background of combined education and experience. The purpose is to make internal changes that will enhance value, strengthen relationships, develop programs, and plan for long-term success.

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"Nothing we do is more important than partnering with our clients to help them resolve workplace issues, plan for the future, and help protect their businesses."

Julie Woodard, Founder


"I am confident that Julie can contribute to the success of any size company.  She has the abilities, energy and drive to make a great impact."
 - Steve Franzese, Former Issuetrak Board Member